Nemo The Duck is Going To Jail

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Comic transcript

Nemo the duck sits in front of a judge and a jory in a bright, simpsons pink courtroom

Panel 1: Nemo the Duck, in Light of the Evidence Penesented to your cromes against society...

panel 2: i sentence you to four years in cartoon animal state penitentiary

panel 3: nemo sits, silent and bemused

panel 4: man are you folks gettin a load of this guy? like he's trying to punish me?

panel 5: what am i, four?

panel 6: i mean it, I really appreciate you cats tryin' to teach me a lesson.

nemo begins to make his way out of the courtroom

panel 7: but i'm a free agent! places to go! things to be!

panel 8: so, so long boys! and thanks for everything! nemo the duck is now in prison Panel 9: Fascists

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