Nemo The Duck Enters the Attic

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Comic transcript

As nemo carries his ladder in front of the sun setting over the city, the caption reads "a young duck has deep pockets but little feed, so he mad much room for his ladder. Nemo climbs up to thw indow. "alley oop," he says before smashing the window open. He sticks his head in. "HERE'S MY NAME!" he shouts.

he looks and sees an attic full of refuse and boxes and crates, a painting and a sarcophogus, and a mysterious sculpture in the corner. you will find out what this is soon so no gleaning spoilers from the transcripts!!!! Anyway, nemo thinks "oh, cool"

Nemo sits on a chari and begins smoking a cigarette. Ha! man! look at this! pretty crazy. He falls asleep

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